Project overview

More and more online services are offered by organizations, companies and administrations to benefit from the advantages of speed and versatility that this system provides. Unfortunately, all these new benefits are only available to those with the capacity to use these modern technologies rarely found among elderly.

The key principle of SOCIALIZE is the ambition to create a complete technological solution and a distinct operative approach that will simplify the modalities through which elderly people have access to ‘socialization’ services. The focus is on the age group from 55 to 80 with a basic or already consolidated knowledge of Information Technologies and use of electronic devices, already accessing internet services and knowing at least basic computer fundamental because of their working experience or everyday job, living in a technology-served environment. As a second objective SOCIALIZE will offer means of integration for organizations offering services to elderly people into the envisaged system (“secondary” end users).
The SOCIALIZE project has been developed according to three technologic macro areas that will be implemented:
• A service-oriented software architecture to supply network services with cloud computing modalities,
• A set of user interfaces and access devices to optimize the experience of using the services that are available in the network for first level end-users (elderly people)
• A set of software tools to implement services. The tools will be available to social organizations, which will enable them to implement and provide their services through the SOCIALIZE platform.

SOCIALIZE aims to be an innovative ICT platform that matches the needs of socialization of the elderly people. Through a friendly environment and intuitive approach and standard technologies, end users will access services without long period of training and need of additional devices. Elderly persons will be able to ‘stay in touch’ with their families, keep an active participation to social life, maintain and monitor their quality of life.

This project has been funded by the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) programme implemented by 20 EU Member States and 3 Associated States and in addition to the financial contribution of these states has additional funding from the European Community.

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